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GEMS – where coaching makes a difference

GEMS – where coaching makes a difference


I have just completed the first phase of the ILM Level 5 programme in Coaching & Mentoring with 12 great people over in Dubai.

The venue was spectacular – GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis (abbreviated to WSO). Phase 2 is in February. Pictured here with the group. Thank you to Claire Sealey, Academy Standards and Improvement Leader, for her infectious enthusiasm and desire to enable coaching to make a real difference at WSO. I took Claire, along with 8 of her colleagues through the ILM Level 5 qualification earlier this year. She is now embarking on the challenging ILM Level 7 programme in coaching.

Thanks also to Michael Gernon, Executive Principal CEO at WSO, for enabling the training to take place. Michael is one of the most effective leaders I have ever had the pleasure to meet.


Work with Mawhiba

Work with Mawhiba

Tonight (September 10th) I leave Saudi after 4 great days working with Mawhiba and the British Council. Mawhiba look after the Gifted and Creative students in schools in Saudi Arabia. I was training a group of around 60 principals over 2 days and then around 60 Lead Professionals over another 2 days. All of these are from Mawhiba funded schools. The people I met are such wonderfully dedicated people, determined to make a difference to the lives of the students they work with. I called the training “Learning for Life: Excellence for All”. The idea behind this was that although the focus of the training was on supporting “Gifted and Creative” students, the impact would be to benefit all students in the schools and help them throughout their lives.

So home tonight now for two weeks of work in the UK before flying over to Dubai for two weeks of work followed by two more weeks of work in Saudi again.


Pictured above with some of the participants on the training.