For many organisations the culture is just this - and it is something that people seem to accept and just get on with their day to day work. This does not have to be the case. It is possible to evaluate or measure your organisational culture and to move towards the culture that will give you the very best results.

The culture transformation process we use utilising a researched and benchmarked culture measurement tool. This provides an easily understandable and measurable picture of how stakeholders in the organisation view the current culture and how they would like the culture to be. It provides:

  • an overall measure of the organisation’s culture together with an opportunity for subgroups to also be identified and measured
  • the opportunity for a dialogue with us and within the organisation about culture, values and behaviour.
  • the opportunity to re-measure the culture transformation at a future point

Linking culture and performance

A study by Kotter and Heskett of 207 top firms over an 11-year period demonstrates the impact of culture on performance. The performance differences between a Constructive or Adaptive Culture (encouraging achievement, self-actualisation and openness) and a Defensive or Unadaptive Culture (maintaining bureaucracy, dependence and punishment) was staggering on the key indices of Turnover, Share Price and Profit over the period.