Being a positive wizard

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Being a positive wizard in ours lives can help those around us to develop a growth mindset. In other words to develop A-MINDSET-FOR-SUCCESS. When I train people to be coaches I often give them a Positive Coaching Wizard Certificate at the end of the training. It is a bit of fun, but at the same time it also provides some key reminders about how we need to think if we are going to be an effective coach and, through this, develop growth mindsets in those we live and work with.

Being a Positive Coaching Wizard involves the following:

  1. To treat everyone as a fascinating stranger
  2. To believe in the potential of each individual
  3. To listen with intense interest to everyone you coach
  4. To seek solutions through the inner strengths of an individual
  5. To support and help to develop individuals throughout each day
  6. To explore the rich growth and development that lies within everyone
  7. To focus on strengths and possibilities and not weaknesses and barriers
  8. To enjoy learning about people and at the same time to learn from them
  9. To have a reflective approach and to encourage this in everyone you coach
  10. To have a solution-focused achievement mentality that is modelled to everyone around you

If you are interested in adapting and using my Positive Coaching Wizard Certificate certificate yourself then please feel free to download the attached word document immediately below.

Happy coaching! Happy developing people with growth mindsets around you!

Positive Coaching Wizard Certificate

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