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“It was my pleasure to meet with Tony Swainston and attend the “Inspiring Leadership” training programme that he designed and facilitated for members of Shell and our partner organisations working on the Intilaaqah programme in Saudi Arabia. Tony’s years of research, depth of understanding of participant needs, and his ability to present the subject in such an interesting way, resulted in one of the most remarkable leadership training programmes that I have attended.”

Mohammed. A. Abusaif 
Training & Development Manager, Shell Companies

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Fastflow Group

"An excellent course which was eye-opening and highly recommended. To the utmost high degree it has provided me with exactly what I wanted."

David Kingdon, Fastflow, Business Standards Manager

"A very enjoyable course presented in a professional and friendly manner by Tony. The practical coaching sessions provided really outstanding learning."

Richie Ryder, Fastflow, Health and Safety Manager

Both David and Richie have gone on to take the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

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Headteachers taking the ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring Qualification

“This course has taught me new skills that are going to be invaluable in terms of running my current school and the potential future one.”

Nigel Stewart, Headteacher, Baldersby St James CE

“Highly professional training, with theory mixed with practice to provide an interactive experience.”

Paul Griffiths, Headteacher, Follifoot CE & Spofforth CE Federation  

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“Tony is an incredible coach and mentor, totally committed to improving the professional and personal life of others. During the Leadership course he facilitated for us, he kept us focused and accountable, yet provided an unbiased point of view. He also provided a clear vision toward leadership and identified what skills are necessary to become an influential leader in all aspects of life. He is devoted to taking the time to understand the goals of his audience, their dreams and aspirations, and displays a true dedication toward the success of others.”

Fahad An Nassar
HR Administration Manager, S.A. TALKE

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Osiris Educational

"One of the nation’s eminent voices on leadership in education, Tony is also a licensed Osiris Mindsets Programme trainer and a critically acclaimed author.

Tony has achieved a remarkable level of success with his training at both a national level, and around the world. His inspirational courses have challenged commonly held beliefs and attitudes in the education sector, positively impacting the lives of thousands of teachers and young people from Milton Keynes to Nepal and places in between."

Osiris Educational


MILE (Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship)

“I had the opportunity to invite Tony for 5 days in one of our certified training programs. Tony was an excellent speaker. His Masterclass stood out from the other programs that we offer MILE. An awesome experience!”

Shadab Ahmed, Assistant Program Manager, MILE

Military personnel using their ELCs to take the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring

"The course is business focused and has given me the tools to hit the ground running in my future work as a professional coach."

Stuart Waddington, Director of Star Development UK, Former Corporal in the RAF

"This course is extremely well presented with outstanding content. I feel more than ready to work now as a professional coach."

Chris Hunter, Former Coldstream Guard, CSgt Hunter

If you are serving in the forces or have left the forces with ELCs then go to the ELCAS website to find out more about training on one of my courses.


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SABIC, Global leader in Diversified Chemicals, Teeside, UK

"Tony has provided an engaging and informative course that has exceeded my expectations. I loved it …… Highly recommended."

Tim Smith, Sabic

Tim took the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring


KFSH&RC (King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Reserch Centre)

“Tony proved to be a dynamic, activating, and enterprising speaker and facilitator. He truly provided the depth and knowledge needed to influence the minds and capture the hearts of our potential leaders, with his themed topic of “Inspiring Leadership” making a real difference in our organisation. Thank you Tony – we’ll be forever grateful."

Angela C. Martin, MBA
Sr. Specialist Consultant, KFSH&RC

A Mindset for Success

“Our data across all subjects has shown a huge improvement, it is the best it has ever been and for the first time we are above local and national averages in every subject.
“The culture across the school has significantly changed for children and staff alike. Staff have told me that undertaking the mindset work has ‘changed their life’.
“Other staff have said that ‘it was the best joint practice development and professional learning they have ever had’.”

Paul Bowlas, Headteacher, Holy Trinity C of E Junior School

Download the pdf below to discover the elements of the "Mindset for Success" programme

A Mindset for Success Programme Overview 

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"The Power to Achieve" training. Conference for Headteachers in Shrewsbury

"A valuable day full of powerful messages that can impact on our children’s future. Changing the mindset of society starting with me! Thank you for a thought provoking day."

Alison Shore

"Asked for motivation and that’s what we got!"

David Pursla

"This is so pertinent to our school. We have fantastic children who can really achieve amazing things if they believe it. We can change their thinking!"

Christina Cubbin

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The "Coaching for Change" programme

“Tony has taught and inspired all participants to be solution-focused and demonstrated that coaching is for anyone and everyone.”

Colleagues who engaged in the programme with Tony have said:

“For the first time in a very long time, I really was inspired by the content and how useful this will be for others.”

“I feel very prepared… and excited!”

“This professional development was awesome.”

“The most valuable part has been learning how to find solutions rather than just a focus on problems…”

Miriam Manderson
Deputy Headteacher, Alperton Community School, London